Who are we?


Curve_GreenThe board of directors:

John Bowen (President), Tom Winkler (Vice-President), Marlene Bowen (Secretary/Treasurer), Jeff Lindsey, J. D. Springston, Greg Turner and Ryan Flannagan.


The Trails of Santa Claus, Inc. is a not for profit corporation with the sole purpose of raising private funds to help complete, expand and maintain the trails in and around the town of Santa Claus, IN.

The initial trails in Santa Claus consist of about nine miles of 12 foot wide walking and biking paths connecting shopping, parks, attractions, and housing communities in and around to town.

Estimates say the projects will cost about $10 million with over 80% currently funded. Completion of the trails is our first priority.

Secondly, we hope to add amenities along the route, and lastly, we will work toward an expansion of the trails to encompass the entire Santa Claus area and beyond.

For a complete rundown of the projected trails see “What are The Trails” page.

As a not for profit corporation, it is our goal to raise private funds to accomplish these steps, and with the help of volunteers, local residents and regional companies we expect to reach our goals.

The Corporation was formed June 25, 2015; by laws were adopted and officers were elected on August 1, 2015.

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