What are the Trails?

Here’s an overview of the initial projects and a short video explaining the Trails:


At the moment, there are four projects in various stages of construction and planning:
1.) The Christmas Lake Village to Yellig Park Trail. This 1.5 mile trail will connect Yellig Park to the main gate of Christmas Lake Village. It will run west from Yellig Park on the south side of Ashburn to Louis J. Koch Blvd., down the west side of LJK Blvd. to the Town Hall, then south on the east side of LJK to an area just east of the main gate of Christmas Lake Village. Construction should begin late this fall.
2.) The Lincoln Discovery Trail. This 4.1 mile trail will run from Louis J. Koch Blvd. on the north side of IN 162, past the Kaspar Gate Trail and Heritage Hills High School, then along CR1600N where it will wind around the tennis courts and eventually connect to CR1625N into Lincoln’s Boyhood Home. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2016.
3.) The East Side Connector Trail. From The east side of Yellig Park, the Eastside Connector will come south on the west side of IN162, cross to the south side of IN 162 and go west to the IN 245 junction, then cross over to the north side of IN162 and join the Lincoln Discovery Trail and the CLV-Yellig Trail at Louis J. Koch Blvd. This will form a complete loop around both Holiday World & Splashing Safari and Lake Rudolph. Construction could start as early as 2016.
4.) The West Side Connector Trail. This short (.33 mile) road and trail project will connect the Community Center with IN 162 approximately .35 miles west of Louis J. Koch Blvd. It will provide a bypass to the IN 162/Louis J. Koch intersection at the entrance to Christmas Lake Village. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2017.

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