It’s hard to imagine…birthday-candle1

but on June 25th TOSCI will be celebrating its first anniversary!

How far we have come in that short time!  Our website has had nearly 2,000 visitors and 5,000 views.  We have over 400 fans on Facebook with 900 people reached from all over the country.

You have probably seen the yard signs showing some of the routes of the trails and you received a brochure in the mail detailing the project and asking for support. Undoubtedly you’ve noticed the pole banners that line our streets, supported by area residents and businesses.  Or you may have been at a meeting where TOSCI and the trails projects were discussed.

More people are now aware of the Trails of Santa Claus and understand their importance to our community; both to our residents and the visitors who travel here, and in helping our community become a more vibrant and appealing place to visit and live.

Support from the community has been fantastic! Not only have they opened their hearts to the idea of trails in our town, but they have opened their wallets. Though a modest sum, we made our first contribution to the Town of Santa Claus last month in the amount of $5,000. and promised through Matching Contributions to donate as much as $20,000 at the July 11th Council meeting.

For that we ask again for your support. We are currently prepared to make the $10,000 donation.  TOSCI is in the midst of a Matching Contribution Campaign through our 1st anniversary on June 25th during which we will be matching all contributions up to $10,000.  With your help we can get that number to the $20,000 level.

If you are considering another contribution, now would be a great time to help us reach our goal to give the Trails a much needed jump-start!

Thanks again!

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