Our Streets are Barren Again

Yes, Virginia, it’s true…Christmas is over in Santa Claus.

IMG_20150801_163618You may have noticed this, too.  Yesterday I noticed the decorations are gone from the town streetlights and it was kind of sad.

No longer did the streets seem bright and festive…they just returned to their normal green and drab.XmasBanner

That’s one of the reasons TOSCI is in the process of finding a sponsor or sponsors to add some color to these streetlights all year long. The other reason is that it is a tremendous fundraising opportunity for our organization.

If your business would like to help sponsor this project to add some color to our streets send us at email at info@tosici.org and we’ll be in touch.

With your support, the new banners are scheduled to go up April 1st of this year.


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