Donation Dollars at Work!

Trails of Santa Claus, Inc. is dedicated to the trails in and around Santa Claus. This includes providing amenities along those trails.

Thanks to generous donations, this afternoon TOSCI completed the installation of the remaining bike racks that were in stock in Santa Claus. That brings our total to five bike racks at key points in town; Town Hall, Yellig Park and the Community Center. Not only do the racks  provide convenience for residents, but it shows visitors to our town that we are a bike friendly community.

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Ryan Flannagan and his daughter Bridget brought his AWESOME AUGER…making light work of the holes we dug.


The Community Center now has a bike rack so you can warm up with a ride on your way to exercise at the Fitness Center.


Santa Claus Community Center Bike Rack



Ryan is over seeding the area with grass.













Then we moved on to Yellig Park where we added two racks near the playground and the basketball courts.


Jeff is smoothing out tracks in the gravel.




We even did a little cleanup and added some grass seed to the areas we disturbed.



Yellig Park Bike Racks



Thanks to: Ryan & Bridget Flannagan, Bill Cherolis, Jeff Lindsey and Marlene & John Bowen.



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