Elevation Profile: Yellig Park to Christmas Lake Village

How much exercise will you be getting on the 1 1/2 mile Yellig Park to Christmas Lake Village Trail?

In addition to walking/biking 1.5 miles one way, you will be climbing two hills of about 75 feet and end up right where you started at 450′ above mean sea level.


Courtesy Spencer County GIS

Points on Route:

A. Yellig Park (West end)
B. Ashburn & Louis J. Koch Blvd.
C. Midway between B & D on LJK Blvd.
D. Town Hall
E. Kringle Place North Entrance
F. Louis J. Koch and IN 162
G. CLV Main Gate

Unless you’ve got a ride back, you’ll have 3+ miles in this round trip and 300′ in fairly steep elevation changes!

Construction is scheduled to begin late this year.

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